Jess Cheape, Junior Account Executive

Despite not actually being a mum, and being the second youngest in the office, Jess is most definitely the mother hen of the group! If anyone is capable of herding cats it'll be Jess, whose organisational skills are second-to-none and frankly a little bit intimidating to the rest of us! Woe-betide an untidy desk!

When she's not keeping the rest of us in line, Jess is a super-capable account executive in training here at APT. Jess works diligently on client projects, oversees our social media campaigns and will often be found working on digital projects including websites. 

Jess enjoys anything to do with speed; particularly as she was brought up in the motorsport world of rallying. When she’s not seeking thrills or travelling the world you can find her rummaging in antiques shops or organising something...preferably in size order.

"Believe you can and you’re halfway there" - Theodore Roosevelt