Apologising to the public - the right way.

Apologising to the public - the right way. Here's how Innocent Smoothies did it after their Conker Milk debarkle.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Especially in the world of marketing as it can take hours of painstaking work to get it right. We've conjured up a few crisis PR statements in our time and although it can be a difficult time for a business, we do love it when humour is used to make light of the situation.

Que, Innocent Smoothies and their latest apology about their Conker Milk, which by the way, is NOT real!

Earlier this month, Innocent were looking to advertise their dairy free drinks in a fun and creative way and decided that making a joke drink would be a great idea. They now know that this wasn't their best plan considering that conkers are poisonous to humans so they've had to write an apology to share because many consumers actually thought it was real.

Their witty response really had us chuckling in the office, with frequent reminders of 'DO NOT EAT CONKERS.' and a sign off message thanking their customers for keeping them on the straight and narrow and telling them when their adverts are rubbish, we think they nailed it!

Although we're gutted we can't try out a Chilli Conk Carne or smother our conker cereal with their new product, we get it...but did you know that Conkers can actually be ground down to use a laundry detergent? Now you do.

Read the full response here.

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