Business with Purpose: apt academy

By Jessica Hargreaves

We're BIG advocates for learning, that's why we've helped over a whopping 800 young people discover exactly what it's like working in the fun and varied world of marketing & pr.


After apt marketing & pr was founded way back when (over 20 years ago to be exact), our MD Angie wanted to provide positive learning opportunities for young people just starting their career journey within the industry and thus the prestigious 'apt academy' was born. 

Open to anyone aged 14-24, the 'apt academy' invites students to join our expert and super friendly team for a set duration to get the lowdown on the everyday aspects of working at our strategic communications agency in Cheltenham.

So far, we've estimated that around 800 students (wowsers) have joined us, with a good bunch going on to work for prestigious brands, including The United Nations and Jaguar Landrover - pretty cool right?!

How to enrol with the 'apt academy'?
Want to get involved and start your placement with us? Here's how:

  • Send us your application: We always ask our potential work experience candidates to apply by sending a cover letter and their CV to our Account Executive, Jessica. We'd love to hear about your current studies and what it is that attracted you to us so be sure to include this!
  • Meet with us for an interview: After we've reviewed your application, we'll ask you to come in for an interview. This process gives us an opportunity to get to know you and your needs a little more and establish whether we are the right fit for you and your studies.
  • See our office environment: The 'apt academy' interviews are always conducted at our office in Cheltenham. This way you can find out where we are, get a feel for our environment and banish those pre-placement nerves. Our office is also home to two woofers so what's not to love?

What does the apt academy experience include?

The time for your placement has arrived! Here's an insight to what you can expect:

  • A warm welcome: You'll be given a warm apt welcome followed by an induction for all the important info you need to know during your time with us, you know like fire escapes and stuff. Fingers crossed, we won't need to worry about it though!
  • Your worklist: Once all of the compulsory stuff is out of the way, we'll get onto the good stuff. Your Worklist. One of the unique things about the 'apt academy' is that you'll be working as part of our team to complete tasks that will actually help deliver on real-life client projects. Your worklist will also change on a day to day basis so you can try out a whole host of tasks.
  • Support system: Jess will be your go to gal during your placement. She'll be the one to brief you every morning and will provide as much guidance as you need to really make the most of your placement. It's important to know that as a company we'll never give you a task that we wouldn't do ourselves and will never expect you to go it alone, so don't be afraid to ask for help.
  • Have fun!: Quite simply, we want you to enjoy your work experience with us and take away as many new skills as you can.

"One of my favourite things about leading apt academy candidates is witnessing their confidence grow and their skills expand throughout their placement. I also find it very rewarding to be able to share my knowledge and inspire candidates to go on to study the industry further."  Jess, apt academy leader

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