The new Calvin Klein Ad Campaign

 At this point in time, here at APT we would easily say that our new favourite advertisement campaign is the new Calvin Klein campaign. Raf Simons, the new chief creative officer who has brought a fresh take to the fashion brand, since last year. He has now debuted his latest project for the label, the new ‘I Dare You’ music video for the indie band The XX, staring Paris Jackson, Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things and the likings of models such as Lulu and Ernesto Cervantes.

The video was directed by Alastair McClellan, showing the young stars in an angst scenario around ditching school on a sunny day in Los Angeles. They then being taken to an eerie locale, known for its bizarre, Mayan-style architecture and rumoured to be the setting of the Black Dahlia murder.  They’re obviously dressed in all the new Calvin Klein clothes; we think this is cleaver as they are showing off the clothes subliminally through the music video.

The vibrant photography, with the minimalistic, dreamy sounds of The XX, make the ad a nostalgic 80’s style video that feels artsy, with one scene of Millie Bobby Brown mirroring ‘Sixteen Candles’ when she is tear-drenched.

We’re infatuated with this ad campaign as it was mentioned earlier on, it is subliminal, meaning that as the viewer is watching the video just for the music and the band, they are also getting an advertisement of Calvin Klein clothes at the same time. We’re also a fan of the video as we enjoy the artsy feel to the video style, acting as if it was based in the 80’s. The artsy feel almost mirroring the ideals of the Calvin Klein brand itself.

Check out the video for yourself below!


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