What comes around, goes around; Design trends to watch

Creative trends eh? Every so often we get a twinge in our feet and an adrenaline pump in our hearts for something new to lighten up our world and feed our hungry creative brains.

And this time, theres no exception for the wonderful coming our way. We’ve stalked the net, shaken feng shui masters and observed the creative scene with force for these essential upcoming design trends to keep watch. 

Planet Plastic

Reduce, reuse, recycle is the key theme we’re going to be hearing and seeing ALOT of in the next ten to fifty years; and by rights too, the consensus for cracking down on plastic is well over-due its debut. Expected to be a visual and thoughtful treat for the eyes, with passionate creatives and designers leading the forefront of sustainable packaging solutions, eco campaigning and designing for consumer awareness, coming up with superhero ideas you’d never think were possible without plastic.

100 Years of Bauhaus

Ah! Bauhaus, where it all started – right? 2019 is the year that Bauhaus celebrates it’s 100th Birthday of the infamous art movement. Without Bauhaus; modernism as we know it would never have happened and we’re expecting to see a knock-on effect of the heavy-weight movement trickling back into the industry… sophisticated palettes, shapes, helvetica, eye trickery and urban design – although we’re not sure it ever really left us.

Storytelling Illustrations

Beyond another narrative, the age of storytelling has long been around in illustration with books recently becoming masterpiece artworks and unique illustrative styles making an impact amongst big brands. With new age designers utilising the best of both digital and hand-drawn worlds, utilising striking colour, curvaceous framing and quirky typography, we’re set to see a change in the way we think about both the design and illustrative discipline; separately and together. 

Emotional TV Advertising

We’ve all been there, those moments where we find ourselves tearing up at the John Lewis Christmas advert or inadvertently blurting out cereal brand strap-lines; (They’re Gr-r-reat!) and as it turns out, people love it. Tugging with our heart strings, catchy jingles and humanising products, characters and even animals, TV advertising once stamped as something to ignore is now making headway in becoming the most memorable part of streaming your favourite programmes. 

Crafty Scenes

One for all our hobbycraft and DIY obsessions, emerging from the woodworks are some of the most sophisticated and layered scenes we could imagine, 3D paper cut artists are now being featured by brands such as Fanta and Waitrose, creating immersive experiences on paper.


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