Exciting design campaigns

We love hosting work experience candidates here at APT, and this week we have welcomed Tonje Goff.

On her first day, we tasked Tonje with researching some exciting design campaigns and asked her to explain what it was that she liked about them.

Check out the campaigns she chose below:

Revive L

Over in New York, Shillington student Sarah Grillo designed a brand and campaign for a community event called Revive L, putting a positive and fun spin on the L Train Line.

The reason I like this design so much is because of the use of colour and simplicity to reflect the mood of the piece giving a huge contrast.

The two high contrasts give these pieces uniqueness to the brand.

Shark Café

For the Cuddly Sharks Cafe, Evena Wong in Brisbane branded an event aimed at bettering the image and reputation of sharks. "Sharks are constantly portrayed as monsters in the media," she explained. "This event aimed to encourage an appreciation for the overlooked charm of sharks." Simple, beautifully illustrated and packing a punch – what's not to love?”

What I really like about her design is the simple cute illustration of the shark that portrays a more innocent and child friendly vibe. The simplicity of it is extremely pleasing to the eyes. All of these designs for a café work really well and keep a theme going through out. Added with a cute pastille colour palette.

I like the idea of a cute shark café; usually you’d expect a cute cat café or any other cute animal, you’d never think of a shark themed in that way so it really makes it stand out.

Yummy Insect

Ray Wong at Shillington's campus in London crafted a campaign for the Grub Festival, a festival that asks, why shouldn't insects be a considered part of a staple diet today?

Ray explains: "The aim was to incite an environmental change by taking the focus away from the livestock industry, and to normalize the consumption of the creepy crawlies, in a fun and exciting way."

I found this the most interesting because most of us find it quite gross to eat bug because we view the as ugly creepy insects that we stomp on, to eat them is un imaginable because we aren’t used to it. But what if it became a normal thing?

I like the little cartoony illustrations as well as the smooth curvy text to give the whole peace some personality of a childish essence.

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