My internship at APT - Rosie King

Working with APT since January has been such a great opportunity and has enabled me to gain some amazing skills and experience that I will be able to take forward with me into the future! It has been brilliant coming into the office once a week, and having the chance to work on some big projects alongside the team has been so rewarding and enjoyable.


Every member of the team has been so helpful and friendly and I am so appreciative of their time and efforts in teaching me what they do!

I had the amazing opportunity to help with planning for Cheltenham Beauty Week 2018 and I was also lucky enough to help with the set up for the launch event. This experience gave me a real taste of Event Management and what’s involved, which will set me up really well to start my degree in September!

I also attended the Hatherley Manor Spa preview event alongside Kelly & Jess, which again, was a great insight into the organising and running of events. The sneak peek of the new Spa was an added bonus!

Being able to write creative blogs, write and schedule social media posts, and even produce client event plans and ideas has been so useful and enjoyable. Being given the freedom and responsibility to do so has been really rewarding and has given me a great chance to learn from real, first-hand experiences. Receiving useful feedback on my work and seeing it published is so satisfying and I really felt like it was appreciated.

I am hugely grateful to everyone at APT Marketing and PR for welcoming me into the office and allowing me to get involved with so much of their great work!

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