‘And now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain’. I have reached the final day of my time here at APT as part of my 150-hour work placement for University.

I am currently studying in my second year at Hartpury University for a BA(Hons) Sports Business Management, and so had only gone through an introductory module in marketing in my first year. I therefore came into this placement with an open mind and willingness to learn about the real world of marketing and on reflection now, could not have chosen a better place to expand my knowledge. In my first week I delved straight into work, scheduling social media, writing blogs and editing websites. During this week I was involved in one of the most fun tasks I was active in, it involved a photo-shoot of some meaty products for a client. I couldn’t get enough of the smell that filled my nose while trying to organise the taking of these photos, and of course I was more than happy at the end to test some of the products.  ;)

I can’t thank the team enough for always having trust in me to complete the daily tasks that would often work with real clients. My favourite project that I completed, was the redesign of The Bicycle Hub’s Website. This included the drafting and designing of new banner headers for the different pages, as well as updating relevant information on the website. The freedom I was given on this project allowed me to come up with a range of ideas and, with some advice from Jess and Dawn, I was able to publish my designs onto the website. Projects like this have allowed me to gain confidence in my own ability to complete more difficult tasks and to persevere when sometime factors went against me.

The friendly environment at the office was a big factor in helping me to ease my nerves at the beginning and has given me a real good impression of what working in an office would be like in the future. Although I’m not sure whether I’ll be facing the daily leg licking from the office dogs anytime soon. If anyone is looking to get a hands-on experience in the marketing sector, then I can’t recommend APT enough. Having started this placement wanting to find out more about marketing, I can say that I would be interested in looking into this sector in the future. This whole experience has flown past over the past four months and I have learnt a whole range of new skills and gained priceless experiences, it’s just a shame my dislike for tea couldn’t be changed.

Signing out, Tom Dowsett

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