My Work Experience Emma

Choosing the right work experience for you is a very difficult process, as mostly you do not know what to expect when you get there. APT Marketing & pr was certainly the right choice for me, as it has really opened my eyes to see how businesses coordinate daily as not only is it a successful business, but the team I worked with are fantastic.

Admittedly, I was fairly nervous on the first day as I was walking into the unknown and I hadn’t looked much into marketing operates in the business world; but I soon discovered that I was extremely welcome. My first tasks involved drafting some tweets for the Compass Holidays and Bicycle Hub Twitter accounts. I managed to think up some eye-catching puns, including ‘there’s Norway you’re missing out!’ which I think I found far too amusing. This was then following by a campaign write-up, of which I chose the KFC ‘The Whole Chicken’ advert  where I wrote about the controversy of the advert relating to the McDonald’s ‘Good to Know’ campaign.


I then went on to write blogs for The Cheltenham Cycling Festival, of which APT were helping to promote. This involved a post about Chris Froome’s success following his win of the Tour De France on Sunday 23rd July, which was then posted on the Cheltenham Festival of Cycling website. Throughout the following day, I wrote blogs on a countdown to the Green Bike Trail, a promotion for businesses to download a poster supporting the event and a cycling through the ages post. This was then posted on the Festival blogging webpage. Considering I have never written a blog before I found this somewhat challenging, but fortunately Jessica was on hand and showed me some examples and websites to get me started (and I don’t think they turned out too bad).

I also was able to help with other marketing techniques, as I was given the opportunity to compile some newsletters. This involved using a design software called Canva, which I had never heard of before, where you can create logos and signs to accompany text. It is an extremely versatile website, where I also used it to create photos for my social media tweets and blogs. I was then shown how to put this in the emailing system, where it will be sent to real customers!

My penultimate blog was to be written for one of APT’s clients. It was on a topic that I took great interest to, concerning cyber attacks. This was really valuable as I was able to apply a great deal of economic knowledge from my studies at school; therefore I hope it makes a great read. Following this, I was also shown how to upload and edit their new Bicycle Hub website and how to upload new products, which was actually quite exciting and different as I have not done much website management.

Throughout my time at APT Marketing & pr I have gained many new skills, including manipulation of tweets in a schedule, learnt how blogging acts as a marketing technique and how to use and edit websites through new software to sell products. My experience has been second to none and I absolutely enjoyed every moment! I recommend the business to anyone who seeks experience in a marketing environment with an amazing team! Thank you for a lovely time☺

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