What to do after the designer hands over your brand

Its been days, weeks, months and (possibly) even years in the process of creating your new brand or logo for your business. You’ve deliberated, debated and injected your vision, dreams and flicked through just about every Pantone colour chart to make the perfect image sing your song.

Today’s the day, your trusted designer finally hands the goods over, the secret sauce to your success, piece de resistance. The much waited branding pack appears at the top of your email trail, and suddenly it’s all over to you.

Many people feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of taking over your own branding or project but it doesn’t need to be a daunting task. To help you find the courage of conviction we’ve put together a few basic tips to help you on your way.


Insist on brand guidelines (and do follow them carefully!)

Experiment with different applications and best sizes

Ask if something doesn’t make sense

Make sure your package includes other relevant file types for other designers (eps. ai. svg.)

Ask for a crash course or advice

Use it on social media

Think about a brand identity


Crop in Word

Start editing artwork yourself

Add 6 different types of fonts which will delightfully shimmer on gold

Re-save the artwork to be low resolution

Have too many cooks in the kitchen

Ignore hierarchy rules

Stretch the artwork

Need help getting your brand off the ground? 

Speak to the team on 01242 250692 or email info@aptmarketing.co.uk.

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