Working From Home: Top 10 Tips

By Jessica Hargreaves

Has the time come for you to work from home during this incredibly unusual period of hand washing and social distancing?

Fear not my fellow office working folk; remote working doesn't have to be a bad thing.

With the COVID-19 issue firmly marked on everyone's agenda, many employees may be required to work from home over the coming weeks. While remote working will be welcomed by some, others will simply find it a daunting process.

But, it's important to not fret for working from home carries many benefits and you might even just realise your full potential!

Here are our top 10 tips to ensure you remain productive while remote working:

1. Get structured: Start each day as you would do in the office - That means getting up, getting dressed,  making yourself a warm bevvy (we recommend Peppermint & Liquorice tea, mmm) and then set out a plan for your day. Determine what needs to be actioned or achieved and you're in for a greatly productive day!

2. Stay connected: Just because you're remotely working doesn't mean you can't reach out to your team for support, updates and the occasional bit of gossip. Actually it's really important to stay connected as it'll help you on track with what needs to be completed before you clock out.

3. You got this: Working from home provides an opportunity to push yourself to reach the goals you've set out for the day minus the countless amount of distractions you'd get at the office. It will also demonstrate professionalism to your big boss and show them that you can work without them needing to be convinced that you're on Facebook for work reasons (and not to catch up with the latest memes) - Promise!

4. Have a break: Kitkats are optional on this one but make sure you have a break, it's going to turn into Groundhog day if you don't. Set clear break times and stick to them. It's also the perfect time to wrap up and head out into garden for a bite to eat to clear away those cobwebs. Just be sure to stay away from other people if you decide to venture further.

5. Rules apply: The first rule of home working is that everyone knows you are home working. Make it clear to the people that you share your home with that you are working from home and that you need some time in order to have family time in the evening or similar. If you need to concentrate, it'll be easier to make sure the boundaries are set beforehand and fingers crossed, you'll all still be friends at the end of it!

6. Find your space: A lot of time is going to be spent in your home office so make sure it's a place of motivation...and that doesn't mean sitting in bed! If you're lucky to have a home office (fancy) or are subject to working at the dinner table, keep it tidy and add in some nice touches like a little plant, we're sure that'll keep you company.

7. Be seen in your domain: There'll probably be no escaping the dreaded video calls (that's why you shouldn't work in bed) but don't feel embarrassed. It'll actually be a rare opportunity to build relationships on a more personal level and will confirm that you're there for your clients no matter what.

8. Enjoy the perks: Working from home can come with plenty of benefits. For one you won't have to spend at least an hour commuting so you can savour more time at home. Why not use this time to try out a new recipe or read that book that's been sat on your dresser for months.

9. Positive Thoughts: You're going to be working in a completely different atmosphere because, well quite simply, you'll be in your own home. Surround yourself with positivity and don't get sucked into any negative aspects of work and let it affect your home life.

10. Try out something new: While remote working, you'll probably find that you're being more productive. This leaves more time for potential training opportunities including webinars, white papers and much more educational content so grab some snacks and learn!

We hope that these help tips help you thrive while working at home and if you've got any tips you'd like to share, we'd love to hear you out!


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