Café Apostrophe Artwork


Café Apostrophe is a London based coffee chain that offers expertly made coffee and authentic food in a cosmopolitan environment. The chain is famous for their thick hot chocolates, hearty soups and signature BLTs. Café Apostrophe developed a close relationship with apt marketing & pr back in 2016 which sparked a series of collateral designs, marketing and PR ahead. 


To create new takeaway bags and shelf labels for Café Apostrophe stores communicating their new range of products in-stores across London. 


By taking Café Apostrophe's unmistakeable and historical brand colour of hot pink, apt created a branded set of takeaway bags which was lively and recognisable in the public eye as well as designing similar branded shelf labels to be used in chillers across stores across the UK.  


Café Apostrophe's brand became more consistent and reinforced by the new designs created by apt. 

Café Apostrophe Brand Design

Café Apostrophe Brand Design

Café Apostrophe Brand Design