Cheltenham Festival of Cycling Brand


The Tour of Britain is a multi stage cycling race, in which participants’ race across Great Britain to complete the race in the fastest possible time. Cheltenham was selected to host the penultimate stage finish on Saturday 9 September 2017. Cheltenham Borough Council (CBC) developed a promotional plan for the event, for delivery by their in-house teams alongside the team at the Cheltenham Trust. CBC appointed apt as an external provider to support the delivery of the plan and help them achieve their marketing & sales outcomes. 


To create a branded campaign promoting the event in Cheltenham and a new logo for The Cheltenham Festival of Cycling. 


apt designed a new logo and brand identity to represent the Cheltenham Festival of Cycling which was rolled out on lamppost banners, soft banners, crash banners, elements of the finish arch, a programme for the day, downloadable bunting & posters, and branded leaflets.


Over 40,000 spectators attended the event with successful and recognisable visuals throughout Cheltenham town, which in turn generated more than £1.1million to the local economy on the day of the event!