CIBTAC Website


CIBTAC are a leading international awarding body responsible for the education of therapists in beauty and holistic therapies. Their current website was out of date and misaligned with their new branding and business strategy.


To create a contemporary website that promotes CIBTAC as the international education awarding body for therapists and supports their new business drive.


The cultural sensitivities of the various audiences were taken into account resulting in a multi-tiered login system with different access levels and a multilingual function including chinese and Arabic. Functionality to increase the versatility and longevity of the website was introduced as well as a bespoke PDF system, capable of hosting over 200 PDFs.   

apt developed a bespoke advanced search facility for the site that enabled cross-referencing of over 200 schools with 30 courses in 26 countries worldwide, enabling potential students to search by any of these variables.


The website was produced to a tight schedule within budget. It was well received internally and by the international schools and their students.

CIBTAC Website Design

CIBTAC Website Design

CIBTAC Website Design