Circle2Success Brand


Circle2Success (C2S) is a network of MD’s, Partners and Directors from successful companies, who support each other by sharing ideas and insights; short circuiting 
problems and developing alliances that add real value to Gloucestershire businesses.


To develop a strong brand identity which can then be further segmented into different membership categories to be used together and individually.


We worked with the team at C2S to understand the target market - professional business leaders and aspirational managers in the Gloucestershire region as well as people starting out in their career. Initially we presented concepts for a new logo, with its segmented membership categories in differing colourways. We then created a suite of marketing tools including a web holding page, mini brochures and plastic membership cards. 


This new brand has been well received by the client and their target market.


Circle2Success Branding

Circle2Success Branding

Circle2Success Branding