Food Packaging Design


Owning over 32 stores in the UK and internationally, as part of the new brand strategy set out by apt and the new seasonal menu; SOHO Coffee Co. undertook a new food packaging refresh. 


To create packaging nets and designs for over eight new products which included:

  • Baguette sleeves
  • Flatbread sleeves
  • Wrap packaging
  • Hot toastie sleeves
  • Dairy free coconut millionaire bars
  • Gluten free oaty crumble biscuits 
  • Double lollipop stickers to secure new sweet treat pots; Tangy Lemon Pots and Triple Chocolate Salted Caramel Pots 
  • Plus over 200+ shelf labels for each product & seasonal promotional products


Designed a series of food packaging to depict SOHO's simple, authentic and fresh brand. Each packaging design was carefully considered to reinforce the brands strong principles as well as allowing the food to not be 'hidden' under masses of packaging allowing customers to know exactly what they will receive. These designs also use less packaging, striving to help an environmentally conscious world. 


Client and customers were satisfied with the result, giving a bright and attractive exposure when displayed in chillers. The packaging has become a staple design and guideline for further food packaging in years to come. 

SOHO Coffee Co. Food Packaging Design

SOHO Coffee Co. Food Packaging Design

SOHO Coffee Co. Food Packaging Design