Joint Core Strategy Vision


The Joint Core Strategy is a project partnership between Cheltenham Borough Council, Gloucester City Council and Tewkesbury Borough Council. It was formed to create a strategic development plan for housing and urban development across the region, setting out where, when and how many houses can / should be built in the area between now and 2031. 


The Joint Core Strategy has been developed between the three councils and other interested stakeholders over the last ten years. In December, the plan will be formally distributed as the completed master document for the very first time; it has been adopted and signed off by the three councils and will now be made available to external parties. 


To redesign the parent brand for the Joint Core Strategy, refreshing the existing logo and colour palette and making it more modern, fresh and appealing. This will then be rolled out across everything from the master document to the website to the pared-down communication documents. The current brand shows the relationship between the three key stakeholders of which the client did not want to loose. 


With the new brand and logo retaining it's previous colour palette and recognisable features, the refresh boosted the strength of the JCS organisation allowing them to become more modern, fresh and accessible to client resources and within the public eye. The 200 page master document outlining the Joint Core Strategy from 2011-2031 has now been distributed to planning developments, architects and local distribution centres across Gloucestershire.