Severn Valley Woodworks Stockist Brochure


Severn Valley Woodworks is one of the leading UK manufacturers of timber products and suppliers of quality machined softwood. First established in 1970, SVW has grown into a major operation, manufacturing and supplying a diverse portfolio of product ranges, including Hutton Garden and Landscaping Products, which offers a wide selection of imaginative, British manufactured quality garden furniture.


To develop a 36 page stockist brochure which provides a comprehensive view of the entire Hutton product range, including technical and manufacturing detail, for distribution to suppliers of the Hutton range nationwide.


We created a stylish, well laid out brochure which is not only easy to digest, but establishes the Hutton range as a stylish and forward-thinking brand. The design established in this brochure was then carried across a variety of material including advertising, banners and consumer brochures. 


"I have to say, I think you have done an outstanding job and have produced something that takes our Hutton brochure to the next level and beyond" - David Twigg, Director of Severn Valley Woodworks.