SOHO Coffee Co Bottled Water Label Design


With stores across the retail, travel and leisure sectors in the UK and internationally, the SOHO Coffee Co. proposition is organic, Fairtrade coffee and great, fresh, handmade food; all underpinned by excellent customer service in their instantly recognisable stores.  

SOHO Coffee Co. has been supplied with bottled water for retail by Berrington Pure Spring Water for several years.  Achieving a high volume of sales across its stores, the decision was made to roll-out SOHO-branded labels at the bottling line.


To bring the bottled water product line into the distinctive SOHO branding, in order to maximise brand exposure for both the in-store consumption and the takeaway propositions, and leverage sales. The target audiences range from thirsty shoppers buying on impulse to children choosing from the SOHO KIDS range; and from airline passengers buying before they fly to those picking up a ‘sports cap’ bottle on the way to the gym.


apt was tasked with producing a timeless label design that would work across three size formats for still water and one sparkling water format. Given that the consumer already has a context within which they already buy bottled water, it was essential that the design communicates the familiar differentiation between the still and sparkling products, as well as the premium nature of the water,  without jarring with the contemporary SOHO branding.

apt worked with both SOHO Coffee Co. directly, together with Berrington from design stage, right though to proofing and production, ensuring that the labeling adhered to legislation and conformed to brand standards. 


The SOH2O sub-brand was conceived and the chosen creative uses a blue and silver from the existing SOHO brand palette and the design accommodates maximum brand exposure when bottles are racked on their side in the chiller bins.  To complement the bottles, opaque and silver cap colours were selected respectively.

 Communicating SOHO’s commitment to the provenance of its sourcing and on the basis that this line is retailed through its international airport locations, the design incorporates an in-brand Union Jack motif.  Bottles of SOH2O are now in-store across the UK and internationally.

SOHO Coffee Co. Water Label Design

SOHO Coffee Co. Water Label Design

SOHO Coffee Co. Water Label Design