SOHO Coffee Co. Spring/Summer POS


SOHO Coffee Co. has a food-led, coffee offering, with a focus on exceptional taste, high-quality ingredients and plenty of lifestyle choice.


The Spring 2017 Point of Sale was a new suite of promotional signage to promote new / seasonal products and drive footfall into franchises across the UK, franchises and internationally. This represented an opportunity to refresh and update the brand image by exploring new and trendy design styles. The core words for spring styling was ‘artisan’ and 'vibrant'. 


apt produced design collateral including new a-boards, breakfast menu boards, afternoon & evening menu boards, hot and cold drink menu blackboards, a kids range, shelf labels and food packaging. This allowed customers to immediately understand the new seasonal offerings of made-to-order food, customisable breakfasts & lunches with healthy, fresh, handmade food choices in-store, while still enabling a playful design style and bold textures which reflected from their new menu and also stood out on the high street amongst competitors. 


The new Spring Point of Sale designs gave SOHO Coffee Co. stores a well-needed visual lift and attracted a number of new customers into the stores by increased footfall and generated excitement for the new seasonal menu amongst the public.

SOHO Coffee Co. Point of Sale Design

SOHO Coffee Co. Point of Sale Design

SOHO Coffee Co. Point of Sale Design