SOHO Coffee Co Website


SOHO Coffee Co. is an independently owned coffee chain that retails 100% fair trade and organic coffee alongside a distinctive range of fresh, hand-made quality food. You’ll find outlets in the UK and internationally, including high streets, shopping centres, leisure sites, motorway services and airport outlets.

At the beginning of 2011, the SOHO collateral wasn developed and refined to include a brighter colour palette and bolder messaging. Originally completed in 2007, the existing website had started to look dated and was in need of a refresh.  


To revitalise and modernise the SOHO Coffee Co. website to ensure that it is current and vibrant and works alongside the SOHO collateral.


The website was redesigned to include vibrant colours, bolder, brighter messaging and additional functionality whilst retaining the quirky brand personality from the original site; the messaging was updated and added to where necessary. The new site was built using HTML5 and Web 2.0 technology and includes new features such as Marydale font across the pages, a bespoke e-card system and seasonally changing designs. The updated site also included a custom-built document management system with tiered access to provide individual store teams with access to specific SOHO relevant documents. 


The website was much more vibrant and outgoing and reflects the personality of the brand. It utilised much more of the web technology available and provided a window on the expanding brand.

SOHO Coffee Co. Website Design

SOHO Coffee Co. Website Design

SOHO Coffee Co. Website Design