Tour Operator Brochure 2020


Compass Holidays is an activity tour operator producing quality tours in the UK. They offer the tours to market directly and through a network of resellers who retail internationally.


The international reseller network who need to know the information and prices for 2020 to offer to their clients. The audience varies from those with English as a second language e.g. German resellers and those with English as a first language e.g. Australian resellers. Some have been working with Compass Holidays for years and some will be considering the tours for 2020. Both require clear and concise information that sets out what is included and the prices.


To create an engaging, visually impactful tour operator brochure which encourages existing resellers to continue stocking our products (and understand key changes) and to encourage new resellers to start offering our product to their clients.


A clean and impactful brochure with clear visuals and easy to read layouts suitable for any nationality. Gentle text and strong headlines ensure to capture attention whilst wanderlust imagery aids in helping to create a bespoke and immersive travel brochure. 

GoodTasteFoods Catalogue Design

GoodTasteFoods Catalogue Design

GoodTasteFoods Catalogue Design