Trust Inheritance Collateral


Trust Inheritance has been providing estate planning services to their clients for over twenty years. With their own specialist legal team, including an in-house Company Lawyer, their plans enable people to clearly and legally define their wishes in their Will. Expert tax planning and unique executor support services also help people to avoid any unnecessary stress for their families after their death.

apt marketing & pr was engaged by Trust Inheritance to address some specific strategic issues including tackling potential 'buyer's remorse' after the plans are bought. The initial focus was the product collateral, however it became evident that a new brand was required first to underpin the heritage and gravitas of the company. The collateral was put on hold and then developed in the new brand.


To develop a suite of collateral for the Trust Inheritance products that portray
the service offering, legal obligations, financial implications and customer
service promise.


We worked with the Trust Inheritance team to understand their services, their
approach and their differentiators within the sector. We then prepared the
copy, designed and produced both the core brand collateral including business
cards, compliment slips and letterheads and the product specific information
including client folders, product information and legal inserts, a Wills folder
and registration forms.


The collateral was positively received by the team at Trust Inheritance, including the Directors, sales representatives and office staff. The collateral immediately created an uplift in sales, particularly for the package plans and the consultants were thrilled: "after speaking to quite a few consultants, the comments are unanimous, it's the new brochures and the 'credibility' it adds to both consultant and company!".

Trust Inheritance Design

Trust Inheritance Design

Trust Inheritance Design