Digital & Social Media

Let's get digital

Digital marketing is a really effective way of getting your business out there. We understand that some terminology such as mobile optimisation, Outlook calendar marketing, SEO, Google analytics, W3C compliance, CMS and Adwords can all sound like gobbledegook or a foreign language!

So here at APT, we'll drop the jargon and take you through the whole process in down-to-earth, 'plain-english'. So whether you're looking for a new fresh website that ranks well on Google or to get up to scratch with social media, our digital team will be on hand to help.

Web marketing

Web marketing is an incredibly cost-effective marketing medium and it's an everyday necessity in the modern marketing world. Supported by other marketing mediums, online marketing is a useful way to ensure you're still telling people about your business and communicating with your customers. If you're not talking to them, 'as sure as eggs are eggs', your competitors will be!

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