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Celebrate with an event

Whatever your vision or budget, our team at APT are ready to share our expertise with you. As a team we have many years of experience of social PR and we have cultivated and worked with a vast number of contacts from across a wide variety of business sectors. 

We are well placed to manage your event from start to finish; from deciding the theme to attending the event (holding the fort that is the guest list) and overall making sure people have a great time, we'll be there! We can make sure your budget works as hard as it can for you whilst doing our best to always organise a fantastic event that will get your target market and competitors talking.

So, whether you are looking for full-blown event management or just some help getting the word of your event out, we will be more than happy to help!

Did you know that in 2017, we helped welcome the finish Penultimate Stage of the Tour of Britain with the Cheltenham Festival of Cycling? Find out more about the amazing event and what we achieved here.

Let's get planning...

we look forward to talking to you and putting on your next big event.