Public Relations & Lobbying

Public Relations 

Making sure people know and remember YOU

Compelling press and emotive media attention can help to raise positive awareness and trigger sales growth for your business. Public Relations, also known as PR is a really smart way to reinforce your brand values and support your business objectives.

With such rapid media growth, it makes it harder than ever for your business to be heard. But our PR team here at apt marketing & pr succeeds not by shouting, but by listening to journalists and delivering what they want, when they need it.

Whether you have some fantastic business success stories, latest product news, exciting photo opportunities, new reader offers or a detailed industry comment, we'll help to communicate with the right publications, broadcast channels and online media. We'll always ensure that your message is seen by the right people, as often as possible, creating sustained awareness and supporting your long-term business growth.


Influencing public policy and consultations in your industry

There are many external factors which impact on your business, and often you have no choice but to sit back and watch them happen... but what if you could change what's happening and influence the outcome, benefiting not just your business, but your industry as a whole?

Our Public Relations team have vast experience in successfully contributing to public policy and public consultation. Traditionally in the domain of membership organisations and professional associations, our PR work has secured client representations at Westminster, The Welsh Assembly, with government departments such as The Department of Health and with influential political leaders such as Diane Abbott MP.

If the future of your business or your members' businesses are being challenged, we can help! Call us on 01242 250692 for a chat.

"We have been working with apt marketing & pr to put together bookable packages for Birmingham and surrounding areas to include experiences and accommodation to encourage overnight stays and promote the region’s tourism offer.  The team is extremely knowledgeable, adaptable & flexible and understands the commercial needs of our business and those of the businesses we are looking to promote.  Together we have built a total of nine products for the area which are in the process of being promoted.  apt has also helped us in talking to their tour operator partners to create another route to market.  This is a long lead project, but the results are already looking promising." - Margaret Way, Cultural Destinations Project Manager, West Midlands Growth Hub