Alopecia UK Big Weekend Branding


Each year, Alopecia UK hosts a 'Big Weekend' where the charity runs a fun and vibrant weekend full of activities and events especially for those suffering from and affected by Alopecia who can participate in workshops, medical research, demonstrations, stalls and lectures. 


In previous years; the 'Big Weekend' operated under the core Alopecia UK logo. For 2019 the charity decided that they wanted a more global reach and larger presence with a sub-brand to communicate their largest event of the year. 


With alopecia, we know that the every person is different and faces individual challenges throughout their journey. The letterpress printing style seen in our brand design represents this subtly but has an empowering feel that adds authenticity and uniqueness. 


The combination of fonts and colours creates a soft, approachable vibe that is full of fun and not intimidating, perfect for all ages and gender with visual relations back to the main Alopecia UK logo.