Alopecia UK Big Weekend Event Programme


With supporting and furthering the reputation and reach of the Alopecia UK Big Weekend event. The Alopecia UK team believe that the time is right to revamp the Big Weekend for 2019, after a year’s break in 2018 including day collateral such as an event programme, timetables, signage, goody bags and more.


As well as handling event organisation and delivery, apt were tasked with creating a dedicated event brand and identity that helps to give the big weekend its own stamp. It needed to be a design that attendees and sponsors of all ages alike can relate to, which is ‘grown-up’ and can become an iconic staple in future. 


An important role of the new Big Weekend identity was to be consistent and familiar with the Alopecia UK brand, this allowed apt to creatively apply and introduce key messaging, layouts, brand colours, photography, shapes, typography and illustrations that include an enhanced style which created a distinctive but established look.


With the Big Weekend logo design maturing into its own pride of place alongside the main Alopecia UK brand, a strong identity had been created to assist in debut delivery, utilising core colours from Alopecia UK and dandelion illustrations to re-inforce and support the brand. The Big Weekend 2019 brand received a positive welcome from attendees, exhibitors and sponsors.