A festive feast for the eyes: Royal Mail Stamp Design

Depicting traditional nativity scenes and intricate designs, the 2019 Christmas Stamps from Royal Mail are a festive feast for the eyes.


As soon as the calendar flipped to November 1st this year, it seems that floods of Christmas advertising started hitting our televisions, radios and social media feeds, with brands and retailers all fighting for their spot at the top of the sales hierarchy.

We were actually a little thrown back by how soon the daily reminders of the impending festivities came around. Now, please don't think of us as Scrooges, we absolutely LOVE Christmas (as you'll see by our annual Battle of the Xmas Ads blogs) but considering everything that has been included in the media about global warming and sustainability, we can't help but notice that many of the Christmas campaigns are all for... well things. Things that are plastic, things that are electronic, things that are not needed and it just made us feel a little disheartened.

But today, there was something festive that made us feel warm and fuzzy inside and brought home that wonderful Christmas feeling. It's not necessarily anything that can be gifted (although you might stick in on one) but it is an originally, pure design for the new Christmas 2019 stamp from Royal Mail.

After working with the London-based Charlie Smith Design, Royal Mail have revealed their Christmas Stamps for 2019 and we were absolutely blown away with the choice of colours and painstakingly intricate design used.

The designs that have been developed this year depict traditional Nativity scenes including Madonna and her child in red and an angel and a shepherd in Blue. What we love about this is that the colours used are subtly consistent with regular 1st & 2nd Class stamps.

Other designs include three wise men in purple, a green Joseph scene and a golden manger scene.


The agency was tasked with creating a Nativity-themed collection with a three dimensional quality. This was delivered by creating elaborate paper art designs and given the scale of a stamp, we think they did an absolutely outstanding job.

We love design projects here at APT and we really enjoyed looking at the process and the thoughts that went into these wonderful Christmas designs.

Got a design idea that you need help with? We'd would really like to get involved, contact us on 01242 250692.

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