Attention Hoteliers: Your messaging matters now more than ever

With the world almost set to start re-opening doors and in the UK working towards that magic date of 4 July, if you haven’t already now is the time to start thinking about your marketing messages and how they can be effective to secure those much needed bookings.

Now we understand that many industries are going to be thinking about pushing their messages out there and you may be thinking that yours could get lost in the marketing mass. Although we can’t guarantee what attention you will get, we can advise you what steps you should take as a hotel to start positively communicating with potential guests:

Make it short and sweet

Quite simply, there is no need to beat around the bush. What you want to do is communicate your key points, whether it be a grand (social distanced) re-opening or a great promotion, as quickly as possible. Make sure that your key message cannot be ignored in your material and providing a strong lead will give consumers confidence of what’s in it for them and it’ll be worth it for you.

Choose your content carefully

Whatever outlet you choose to use, it’s important to note that customers like to see key words that are relevant to them as well as some beautiful imagery. In our experience, we think that catchy headings, stunning images, captions and even videos are great for capturing the attention you need. So keep your headline concise and feature your key message and incentives prominently in your content.

Get the deal done

The messaging you use should give every reason for your prospects to respond. Ensure that the copy overcomes any objections that they may have, give them confidence and then ask for the business. Fingers crossed, you’ll then start to see the bookings come in!

Show a good time

Often, hotels will use imagery that contains no people and whilst we understand that it’s essential to showcase your facilities clearly, if you want to boost an advertising campaign, you want consumers to relate. Showing imagery or video of guests (and in some instances their pets too) enjoying your facilities will help paint the picture of them in your hotel and encourage them to book.

End strongly

Whether you use an advert, email, landing page or video, you need to make sure your opening and closing points are great. We’ve touched on the fact that the opening needs to be to the point, but your ending should be powerful and persuasive to encourage consumers to take the next step.

The next phase that we are entering is going to be a challenge, however it is important to recognise that your messaging could have a significant impact especially as the travel industry starts moving again so make sure your messaging is there and ready to be seen.

Not sure where to go from here?

We know how it is; how are you going to manage both a marketing campaign as well as keep on top of any potential bookings? That’s where we could help. Simply leave the messaging to us and you get back to what you do best, providing quality accommodation. Speak to our tourism experts on 01242 250692 and let’s get your content out there.

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