Battle of the Christmas Adverts 2017

It’s that time of the year again, the Battle of the Christmas Adverts! This year it seems like almost every company has their own Christmas advert too. Some make us laugh, and some make us cry, but all of them try to sum up the festive period in one advert in their own special way. We have put together our top five Christmas adverts from this year. Spoiler Alert: Surprisingly, John Lewis’s #MozTheMonster advert didn’t make the cut…

Number Five: At number 5 we have M&S’s ‘Paddington Bear and the Christmas Visitor’ advert. The childlike humour in the advert fits perfectly with classic Paddington Bear, and creates a wonderful and witty story for all the family to enjoy. The modern take on Paddington – fit with marmalade sandwiches – takes the number 5 spot on our Christmas adverts of 2017.

Watch for yourself:

Number Four: This may seem like an unlikely contender, but we’ve all been wowed by McDonald’s this year. Their #ReindeerReady advert shows a typical family and everything that goes on during the festive period. The advert is great for all the family – with some funny moments for adults. The advert’s witty storyline and light-hearted humour managed to get 4th place in our top 5.

Get #ReindeerReady:

Number Three: Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot is back, and has earned it’s spot in the top 3! It has everything needed for a classic Christmas, including lots and lots of lovely food. It’s playful take on Christmas makes everyone giggle, especially our favourite line ‘I think I just “pea”d myself’. The advert really suits Aldi as it’s adverts are always make us laugh, but this has topped all of them.

Reunite with Kevin:

Number Two: Debenhams’ #YouShall is at number 2, and warm our hearts with its modern take on the classic story of Cinderella and her Prince Charming. It encompasses everything about Christmas, from twinkling lights to the first fall of snow, this advert makes you feel festive and fuzzy. The idea of love at first sight and fairy-tale makes you feel magic – you can’t help but smile as you watch. We love how they incorporated technology into the story and it makes the story feel as though it’s true. Every aspect of this advert is enchanting - and that is why it’s our number 2!

Be Charmed:

Number One: Finally, at our number 1 spot we have Sky Cinema. Our favourite Christmas advert of 2017 is homely, warm and emotional. The strong feeling of family and love throughout the advert is truly magical, and the film and music featured (The Sound of Music - My Favourite Things) reminds all us all that the best times are spent with family. Bringing many Mum’s to tears, the advert showed a family growing up and evolving overtime, yet the whole family coming together at Christmas.

Hold back the Tears:

We think the Sky Cinema advert deserves our number 1 spot on our top 5 Christmas adverts of 2017, what’s your favourite? Let us know!

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