Building trust and reassurace through good communication

We have been working with clients across a range of industries during the COVID-19 pandemic, including planning how best to navigate the re-opening process and help them find their new normal

We have been working with clients across a range of industries during the COVID-19 pandemic, including planning how best to navigate the re-opening process and help them find their ‘new normal’. 

One thing that has become apparent is the importance of good, clear communication.  Whether the audience is your staff in terms of training in new processes and service delivery or customers and explaining how your business will now operate for the foreseeable, good communication can help understanding and build trust, a quality that’s more important now than ever.

With beauty salons and spas the latest industry to reopen, and gyms and leisure centres on the horizon, here’s our top five tips to ensure good communication is at the core of your re-opening strategy.

  1. Use your database – talk to your database before you reopen.  Explain to customers what your plans are and what they can expect your business to look like.  If possible, take video clips and share on your website, social media channels and emails.
  2. Signage – Understand your customer journey and place effective signage at key points.  From the car park, through to welcome and then using your facilities, including toilets, ensure that your customers can be left in no doubt where they need to be and most importantly where they shouldn’t!  For example, if you are offering table service only in your bar the signage should direct customers to how they obtain a table and order so that you don’t end up with a queue at the bar.
  3. Social distancing – if you are operating a business where you will have multiple people in a space, clear markers on the floor to encourage them to keep their distance can act as a reminder, especially when the environment will look so different to what they have known before.
  4. Be Creative – we appreciate that this time has been unsettling and distressing, but we have seen some fantastic innovation and creativity that has been born as a result.  Evansville Police Department created a video using The Police song ‘Don’t Stand So Close to Me’ to raise awareness and encourage people to maintain social distancing.

    The Big Sheep in Devon, a family friendly visitor attraction use play on words as a core part of their brand with on-site play area, Ewetopia and Eweston Train Station.The opportunity to reopen was no different and their on-site signage suggests ‘How to keep Ewe safe - No Flocking’

          Consider your brand and how you can creatively share your message with     
          your audience.

  1. Smile – in the service industry, customer service is priority.  Just because PPE and masks now need to be worn, does not mean that customers can’t see your smile.  It will show on your face and most importantly your eyes.  So, whilst changes need to be made to operations, ensure that the customer is still at the heart of what you do, maintain your excellent levels of customer service and above all smile.

If you need help with your communication plans and reopening strategy, give us a call 01242 250692, we’d love to help!

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