Date you NEED to know for February

By Jessica Hargreaves

Here are the key dates and events you NEED to know about to maximise your sales in February.

Although it feels like the 95th of January, the end of the longest month of the new decade is almost at an end. 

From Valentine's Day to (more importantly) Shrove Tuesday, we want you to welcome February with open arms and to be all set on your marketing goals for the month ahead. That's why we've got the low down on what's coming up in Feb:

Day: Groundhog Day and Super Bowl Sunday | Date: 2nd February

The month begins with Groundhog Day, which is actually a strange historical anniversary, and Super Bowl Sunday which of course is an American Football extravaganza (and a time to enjoy weird and wonderful adverts). Maximising on both of these dates can be difficult but a little nod on social media may gain you some extra interactions. Don't forget to check out our annual Superbowl Advert Showdown blog!

Day: National Pizza Day and The Oscars | Date: 9th February

National Pizza Day and The Oscars, not really two you'd expect to see side by side right? Businesses can maximise potential sales by using launching an Oscars style competition or celebrate National Pizza Day by offering a free pizza to boost bookings or consultancy appointments.

Day: Valentine’s Day | Date: 14th February

Ahh, Valentine's Day. The most romantic day of the year or just another money making scheme? For the beauty and tourism & hospitality industries it can have an incredible boost so we recommend you launch your offers and deals as soon possible!

Day: Singles Awareness Day | Date: 15th February

Coming in just after Valentines' Day (which we think is a little harsh) is Singles Awareness Day. Hospitality businesses can reap the rewards from those looking to get out after the all loved up day before by offering a Singles Awareness Evening event or by launching a food/drink offer. 

Day: Random Acts of Kindness Day | Date: 17th February

Show your followers you care by interacting with them on Random Acts of Kindness Day!

Day: Shrove Tuesday | Date: 25th February

Pretty much the day that we have all been waiting for... PANCAKE DAY. Also known as Shrove Tuesday, businesses can show off their flipping skills with a Boomerang video and special offers to get customers through their door.

So there you have it, some key dates in February that could help you to get some extra sales through the power of social media and money saving deals. Thought of one we don't know about, let us know on Twitter!

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