By Jessica Hargreaves

We've done the graft to recognise the key dates that you NEED on your radar for March!

It's important to have an effective marketing plan in place (especially as we're now three months in) and we know although we get that marketing plans are tailored to each and every business, there are always key important dates that have the potential to maximise sales.

We've already done the graft and have recognised the key dates that you NEED on your radar for March!

Key Dates in March

3rd - World Wildlife Day: Celebrate wildlife around the world with a wild offer or social media campaign.

8th - International Women’s Day: A poignant day for us all to get involved in and share stories.

17th - St Patrick’s Day: Offer your customers a good deal or get creative with a new flyer.

20th - Spring Equinox: With the Spring finally making an appearance, consumers are ready to start venturing out of the house more!

21st - World Poetry Day: Take some time, to think of a ryhme and share it with your followers. You might then find that you get more sales which is always happy days!

22nd - Mother’s Day: Offer customers a super special deal to treat their Mum.

29th - Clocks go forward: Finally, the lighter evenings will arrive!

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