APT Academy - My first day with Ollie Cairns

Hi, my name is Ollie and today is my first day of a week of work experience at APT and I’m very excited for the week ahead.

Hi, my name is Ollie and today is my first day of a week of work experience at APT and I’m very excited for the week ahead. Something that has really appealed about taking on work experience here is how quickly my nerves were put to rest upon arrival.

One of the reasons I took on work experience here was that I was fascinated to find out more about what Marketing involves exactly and investigate the possibility of it being my future career as I am currently uncertain as to what I want it to be precisely due to varied interests. The environment is very friendly, and everyone is very nice to be around which makes the working environment more comfortable and relaxed than a typical rigid office.

This is the first time I have worked in an office environment and it’s far different to school (unsurprisingly!) as my mind has been constantly engaged since arriving as opposed to a slow and boring start to the day at school. My favourite difference has to be the dress code as my school demands that sixth formers wear a suit year-round whereas here, I can wear something far more comfortable and certainly less insulating during this particularly hot summer.

My main aims here are to investigate how Marketing and PR work exactly and whether I want to pursue a career in it in later life as well as to learn valuable workplace skills which I can apply elsewhere in my future jobs.

I look forward to the week ahead and can’t wait to learn more about Marketing and various workplace skills.

Watch out for more from me, Ollie Cairns

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