Freaky Giant Tongue Plays Starring Role in Bizarre New Coke Ad

Coca-Cola is arguably one of the biggest brands in the world and is known to pretty much everyone. You’d think that this would make them rest on their laurels and watch the money keep rolling in…

 Apparently not. Coke have clearly decided to change up their advertisement style with this wacky new video which features a young woman who appears to be on a globetrotting adventure of some sort and has a friend in the form of a giant tongue (after drinking some delicious coke of course).

As you can see in the ad this tongue is apparently the absolute centre of a party and is somehow an excellent companion to travel with. It is, of course, quite odd to see a giant tongue travelling the world but it looks like a surprising amount of fun. Some viewers may find this ad ever so slightly off putting but we personally think its great.

Typically, soft drinks ads are usually fairly generic as a whole and it is great to see Coke create something so fresh and different. The ad wants to remind everyone of the ‘magic taste of Coke’ with this magical moving tongue. A slightly shaky link but it has to be said that Coke have created a truly unforgettable ad.

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