How to amplify your destination message

There’s no denying that although the message is clear to stay at home, destinations are working hard to ensure that we still remember that they are there and to visit again in the future.  There are a number of campaigns and trending hashtags, which will help you to get a destination noticed and help amplify your message to the world.  Here’s a round up of a few below….


The Visit Britain team are sharing quintessentially English imagery and content whilst people are at home on their ‘quarantine couch’.  Reach out to the VB team by using #LoveGreatBritain or @LoveGreatBritain



Travel editor with the Irish Independent, Pól Ó Conghaile was inspired to start the hashtag on Twitter because people in Ireland are only allowed to exercise within 2km of their home.  "I've been finding it hard to see the wood for the trees on screens, and am overwhelmed - like everybody else - by the cascade of COVID-19 news," he says. "I took a walk to clear my head and started thinking about where I'd like to go when this all goes away. It made me feel good, so I decided to share the idea.”

Tag #WhenWeTravelAgain so that Pól can be aware of your destination and what it has to offer.


A trade campaign spearheaded by Travel Mole, TTG and ABTA magazine amongst others, the media will share each other’s content under the hashtag #OneTravelIndustry. Use the hashtag with you content and tips for a chance to be featured.  Read more about the campaign here.

General Coronavirus hashtags include 






Don’t forget the usual travel hashtags too…

#travel #travelpic #travelgram #travelinspiration 

#travelinspo #traveler #photosofbritain #picoftheday #wanderlust 

#traveldeeper #beautifuldestinations #traveltheworld #vacation 

#roadtrip #holiday #instalove #instalife #PhotosofEngland 

#PhotosofBritain #VisitEngland #explore_britain #uk_shots 

#gloriousbritain #instabritain #scenicbritain #VisitBritain 

There are still opportunities for you to promote your destination, we hope that some of these hashtags and campaigns help you gain additional exposure and engagement with your audience.

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