It's that time of year again...Battle of the Xmas Adverts!

With Christmas just a week away, we thought it would be the perfect time to share our annual Battle of the Christmas Adverts blog.

This year we felt that as soon as the calendar flipped to November 1st, floods of Christmas adverts hit our screens with brands and retailers all fighting for their spot at the top of the sales hierarchy.

We were actually a little thrown back by how soon the daily reminders of the impending festivities came around but don't think of us as Scrooges! We absolutely LOVE Christmas so without further ado, we invite you to relax, get comfy with a cuppa as we present our top five favourite Christmas Adverts of 2019...

1. Jumping around with M&S

Every single one of us in the office were jumping for joy at the 2019 M&S Christmas Advert. This advert got us in a jolly mood with House of Pain's iconic track, Jump Around and some smooth dance moves - we  were also tempted by some of the products too!

Watch it here.

2. Feeling the magic with Asda

Asda's festive advert for 2019 really captured the magic of Christmas. From a fantastic score to excitable children spreading the joy, it's safe to say it made us all beam from ear to ear.

Take a look.

3. A Holiday Reunion with Sky

For our Account Exec Jess, this advert has for sure won Christmas hands down! This festive season, Sky tugged at the heartstrings of many by reuniting Elliot with ET, the extra terrestrial in a fantastic Christmas advert.

It's definitely worth a watch!

4. Travelling through time with Tesco

Celebrating the supermarket's 100th anniversary, their festive advert this year consisted of a delivery driver travelling through time in true Back to the Future style. We really enjoyed the soundtrack and being taken on a journey through previous decades.

Take a look!

5. Hitting the high note with Walkers

We love a good packet of crisps here at APT and we were shocked to find out that the Queen of Christmas herself, aka Maria Carey does too! In Walkers 2019 Christmas advert it was safe to say that all Mariah wanted was a packet of Walkers and put up a stonking good high note to make sure she got her hands on the last packet.

See for yourself.

So there you have it for another year... What was your favourite Christmas advert this year? Let us know on Twitter & LinkedIn.

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