Membership marketing: How do you look after your members?

Membership; a sense of belonging, bringing people together with similar values, skills and interests. How can you ensure you are doing what's best for your members, especially in the current climate?

In these current times, many individuals are turning to their relevant membership body for help, advice or guidance, yet there are countless cases of people being let down and not receiving the support and information they require.

We’ve been working with membership organisations specifically for the last 12 years and across all sectors, from professional bodies who operate in an industry where people are mandated to join and receive regulatory updates through to destination management organisations, where the core benefits of joining (in the eyes of the individual) are marketing.

Here’s some of our top tips for how to engage with your members:

Communication: Many organisations make the mistake of offering exemplary customer service and support at joining and then it tails off, until renewal.  The member is left questioning the value of the membership and what they really got out of it.  Regular communication, through multiple platforms, can highlight all the benefits you offer and reaffirm why membership with you is valuable.

ROI: Let’s be honest, the membership model can be a lucrative one, but if retention rates are low then you will always be looking for the next new acquisition to fill the gap.  It’s worth focusing some attention on the existing membership base.  What can you change, adapt, do differently that will help them feel that they are worthwhile and more importantly that it is worth them remaining with you at renewal stage?  Complete a member survey and act on the results, listen to the ad hoc feedback given to your sales team or membership advisors.  Then act and make the change, but most importantly, then tell the membership base what you have done.

Benefits: If membership with your organisation is predominantly about the benefits that the member receives then ensure that you are able to easily prove to them what they have gained.  Whether it’s discounted insurance, listings on websites, lobbying to Government.  Tell them how much money they have saved, the views on their listing and subsequent referrals to their own website along with what may change in industry as a result of the collective voice.

If you’d like to review your current membership strategy, and look at ways that we may be able to help you increase retention rates, gain more members or improve communication channels with your members, give us a call.  We love to chat!


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