My Week at APT - Ollie Cairns

When I arrived on Monday morning this week, I had no idea what to expect from work experience. What I got was probably the best I could’ve hoped for. Everyone is incredibly friendly (especially when you bake a cake) and welcoming even if you’re as introverted as me! Also, they have two dogs and dogs just make everything better even if they try and steal your lunch!

Rather than the typical expectation of work experience, being given busy work to do all day until they can be rid of you, I quickly found myself engaged and challenged by the work I was being given (especially after being on holiday) and quickly gained an understanding and deeper interest into marketing and PR as a whole.

Overall, it has all combined into an immensely enjoyable week and I have learned many valuable skills which I’m certain I will be able to carry forwards into my future career. Everyone here has been incredibly helpful, especially Ceefer for repeatedly forcing me to rub her belly! I would highly recommend anyone considering work experience here to take it as it will be a very valuable experience!

Signing off,


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