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My Experience at APT

As I come down to the end of my first week here at APT I can say with confidence that I have enjoyed every minute here so far. The whole team were extremely welcoming and kind upon my welcome, even if I did shock a few with my confession of never having tried tea before. Having never really been within an office environment before, the experience has given me valuable knowledge into what such an environment will be like in the future. Some highlights from the week so far have been doing a photo shoot for some meaty food products from ‘Love what you eat’. Burgers, Sausages and pies where the models for the shoot and of course we needed to 'test' them afterwards. I even had a photo taken of me holding a fork with a sausage aloft, although I don’t think I'll have what it takes to be a hand model anytime soon. As well as, this the writing of blogs this week has kept me up to date on the most interesting and odd company campaigns across the world. From the Unhate kissing campaign of world leaders to the McDonald's Direction signposts. Other tasks I carried out this week included scheduling tweets on eclincher and buffer, two new systems I have never seen before and writing a transcript for the South West Coastal Path, which probably took me as long to complete as it would to walk it. I’ve also learnt how to you the cms system to be able to edit the websites and add blogs like this one. The independence of this week in completing my own set tasks and working through them each day, has been very useful building my independence skills. I have really enjoyed my time at APT and have gained and enhanced a lot of skills.

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