New limited-edition Dunkin’ doughnut candles released

Dunkin’ have partnered with homesick to create a candle that many will remember. They have gone with three Dunkin’ Doughnut favourite based candles.

The three scents are: Peppermint Mocha, Old Fashioned Doughnut and Original Blend of coffee. Our Favourite would have to be peppermint mocha which I’m sure we will be adding it to our Christmas wish list this year. The festive smell of Peppermint reminds me of candy canes  we can just imagine the candle burning as we settle down after a cold day.

The task was to create popular items off the Dunkin’s menu and create a hand poured candle that will not be missed on the shelves. The candles are limited edition. The design of the boxes are very festive and stand out as they have bold colours and a very pleasing designs of snowflakes and other patterns such a stripes which actually match their holiday cups in store – we just love matching collateral!

These candles are very different to what you might normally see as they are coming from a doughnut brand which is a bit unusual, but the smell would be delicious and make you feel warm and happy in the cold season that awaits. The design of the actual candles are very aesthetic and perfect for a bedroom dresser.

We do love a good old design project here at APT we love looking at your designs and helping you with the process.

Got an idea or a design that you need help with we would love to help so, give us a call our number is 01242 250692.

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