New tools for your toolkit? Cool things we love…

There is no denying that the coronavirus pandemic has made us all look at things a little differently whether that’s in home, work or our social life.  As a result, some businesses have identified new markets and opportunities for their products.

As part of what we do, we often get demonstrations of or introductions to cool new technologies which astound, amaze or excite us! We have had the pleasure of working with three businesses recently, all of whom offer products that can help support your business as we rise from lockdown.

Air Purification & Sterilisation:

The first is an air purification system, AIRsteril sold by local medical firm CorrMed.AIRsteril can be used to protect offices, call centres, hotels, bathrooms, vehicles and care homes. Easy to install and maintain, it removes airborne microorganisms, viruses and particles in as little as 60 minutes. AIRsteril uses a combination of air and surface purification technologies to filter and kill up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, at the same time as removing unpleasant smells and harmful gases.

The company is seeing a growing interest in the technology, which is helping a variety of business in their return to work.  The businesses are reporting cleaner air, a reduction in unpleasant odours whilst also providing peace of mind for both the employer and staff members.

Units cost from as little as £193 + VAT.  To talk to the team about a free trial contact CorrMed on 01452 830269 or email

Here's a testimonial from one of their clients talking about what AIRsteril has done for their business - watch now


A bit of virtual escapism:

The second tool is a combination of virtual escapism coupled with the ability to train people at a distance. Planet One Reality offers immersive video and audio technology which can be used to help showcase your business, event, attraction or destination. The technology can also go on to help support and train individuals, with apps created for fire safety training, presentation skills and encouraging kids to wash their hands properly. What’s really cool about this company is that they specialise in taking cutting edge technology, including augmented reality, VR, 360 video and app development, to create bespoke, very cool solutions for any sort of eventuality or business idea.

One such app is the “Hand Wash Squad” which follows hand washing techniques recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and has received endorsement from the UK Infection Prevention Society. The game provides a fun and interactive way for children to understand the basic principles of good handwashing which is one of the main lines of defence against the spread of infections, both virus and bacteria. The game is available online and as a free app on Google Play.

We first came across Planet One Reality after seeing their work for the Wye Valley & Forest of Dean. The team at Planet One Reality has recently completed a project, showcasing different beauty spots and highlighting places to visit along the way. This assists visitors in pre-planning their trip or helping them understand more about the area before they make the decision to visit. The technology can also be used to highlight what changes have been made post lockdown and what visitors can expect.

Predictions are showing that the use of VR technology is set to explode with expectations of the industry being worth $25 billion by the end of 2025.  What VR technology will you enable in your business and how will it support you?

*Please note that this is a video showing the technology and the experience is far better with the appropriate supporting tech



Probably the best online event platform:

Thanks to Victoria’s time on the Quolux Business Course, we’ve come to know the team at DBpixelhouse really rather well, which is why we were excited to see them innovate what is probably the best online event platform in the world. That’s just our opinion anyway! DBpixelhouse has developed the digital, virtual alternative to a large conference or exhibition, allowing you and your prospective clients to get the full exhibition experience, from the comfort of your mobile phone, desktop PC or laptop. Built around a virtual event space that’ll feel super familiar to your users, you can create zones with pre-recorded video or one-to-one video chat, have seminar rooms and offer interactive features like polling, games and quizzes. They do a lot better job of explaining it than we do, but we have to say this is some SERIOUSLY cool tech! Click on the video to check it out for yourself!

Contact DBpixelhouse via their website, via email, or on 0345 226 3083.

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