The Old Spice fragrance have always had a good reputation when it comes to their TV adverts and their latest, holds no exception.

The Old Spice fragrance have always had a good reputation when it comes to their TV adverts and their latest, holds no exception. From Isaiah Mustafa and “Man Your Man Could Smell Like” to Terry Crews and “Muscle Music”, Old Spice have always had a way to capture the classic smell and create humour in their adverts.

The popularity of these adverts is in the viewing figures online with “Man Your Man Could Smell Like” being viewed more times than the speech of the former president Barack Obama. This time around the Old Spice advert centred around the idea of ‘Never let a friend lose his swagger’ which still focuses on the notion of helping hapless men regain their ‘Swagger’. This advert comes around as a survey by Old Spice showed that half of men aged 18 to 34 are likely to skip a night out and would rather enjoy some time alone or work late. An excuse Old Spice have described as “lame” and has led to the creation of this advert.

The ad begins with a man bursting through the door of a friend’s apartment to show the friend slumped on his couch surrounded by empty packets and bits of unfinished food and sporting a rather comfy beige dressing gown, symbolising the state of reclusiveness that Old Spice have found among Men. This is followed by using Old Spice as a smelling salt in attempt to bring back around the friend, like you would in a boxing match. Although the friend then starts to enter the classic “If I don’t make it” line, that has been heard in countless movies and has become a staple in action films. This is met by the friend lifting his friend up off the couch. Then in true Forrest Gump fashion runs through the apartment avoiding lamps, exploding microwaves and the next episode of a TV programme, interesting.

The penultimate part of the advert see’s the hapless man being uncut from an umbilical cord from his dressing gown attached to the TV and jumping out of a window, as you do. The two men land on the ground, the lazy goer is now dressed for a night out, with the cut of the umbilical cord signifying his freedom bought about by using Old Spice. The advert ends with them entering a black van with the other men as if a hostage rescue mission had just been completed.

The whole advert is done in a rather over dramatic and stereotypical way, like that of a film, which adds a lot to the humour and presents the light-hearted problem that Old Spice have identified. Being that the target audience of Old Spice is men aged 18-34 this advert will hold much relevance to those that are trying ‘save’ their friend from reclusiveness due to commitments such as work at this time of their life. In conclusion not only have Old Spice once again produced a humorous advert but have this done alongside portraying their message of turning men’s lives around.

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