Pornhub Launch Campaign To Help Save The Bee’s

We were intrigued to see that Pornhub have unveiled a new type of pornography called “Pollinator Porn” on the site BeeSexual. This new genre sees bee’s getting it on with voiceovers from famous pornstars such as Julia Dunn, Daya Knight, Olivia Austin, Joanna Angel and Dante Coll. There is also a very informative video that involves Abella Danger and Kira Noir where they delve into the current bee crisis and what steps we can take to help out.

This is all in aid of trying to make people aware of the current global bee crisis that is going on and how important that it is to help save the bees. Without bees pollinating flowers we face a major threat to global agriculture as this is partly sustained by pollinators. Which means that there could be a major problem for food production as 30 percent of the world’s crops are helped by cross-pollination.

Viewers of the site will be able to access video content of foraging bees going at it, the titles of these videos are also like what is typically used on Pornhub’s videos which therefore keeps the campaign on brand for the company. These videos could draw in views by the captions being written like this as it could cause intriguement for viewers by the video being of bees but still having similar captions to usual Pornhub content – Naughty, naughty!

Pornhub gets around 110 million daily viewers a day, which makes it a widely used platform for such issues to be shared across such a large audience.. The company has previously raised other important issues in a bid to save the sperm whale from extinction by launching a “save the whales” campaign and they also created a closed captioning library of content for deaf and hard of hearing users. These have previously been a success and therefore Pornhub are hoping that they can make this campaign just as successful.

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