Remember to look back every once in a while...

Throughout lockdown we’ve seen amazing innovation and adaptability as businesses have changed their model or product offering to adapt to restrictions and still enable them to operate.

From taking card payments and driving online sales to targeting new markets and creating virtual events; we’ve worked with many businesses during this period.  Whilst the opportunities are most definitely there and need to be grabbed with both hands, don’t forget to look behind you every so often.

We have seen a number of businesses so busy and ready to charge forward that they have forgotten to check whether they have closed the loop, joined everything up and ensured that the customer journey is easy and seamless.  For example, the focus to get a sales email out to promote an existing line, which can help a new market since the pandemic.  The problem is that the new market has no idea that they need this product, let alone that this company exists.  The website doesn’t reflect the message that is sent in the email and also doesn’t make the purchase easy for this new market (the existing market go a different way due to corporate buying schemes).  The initial trust for this brand is questioned as things just don’t join up.

It takes time and usually isn’t a simple process, but taking the time to check all your channels are reflecting the same core messages (not just the sales email) can generate you more sales and certainly more kudos and trust for your brand.  Here’s our helpful hints to ensure that you have joined everything up…

  1. Check your website – Have you updated it to reflect new markets and opportunities that have arisen as a result of the pandemic?  If not, take some time out now to do so. Explain what’s changed and why your solution can help solve their problem.
  2. Your sales message – do you need to adapt this for new markets?  Do they understand the acronyms that you are currently using?  Do they understand the technology behind the product your offering and more importantly do they need to?
  3. Buy now – check your buying process, is it as simple as it can be?  Are there any changes you can make to ensure the whole thing runs a little more seamlessly?
  4. Expert articles – an effective way to build brand awareness, trust and confidence in your product is to write about it.  Add articles to your blog, write for your local newspaper, digital platforms or trade publications if relevant. 
  5. Testimonials – if you have developed a new product or approached a new market due to the pandemic, show the results.  Capture testimonials, review or case studies from new customers and share on your website, social channels and in your sales emails.

These actions all take time, but they can help to significantly boost sales and raise awareness of your business.  If you’re short on time or lacking in resource, then we can help.  We are a specialist boutique communication agency and regularly work with businesses across many industries to ‘fill the gaps’.  Our outside knowledge gives us the ability to look across the whole business and identify the areas for attention, we work together to create the plan and then we deliver, leaving you to get on with what you are good at – running your business!

If you’d like a chat to talk about your needs, give us a call on 01242 250692.


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