Rowan Laird - My work experience at apt

I was exceptionally nervous when I first came to apt Marketing & PR two weeks ago. This was my first real experience in a proper working environment that would put my English skills to use

As it turns out I didn’t even need to worry as much as I did, because the team have been professional, friendly, and most importantly given me great advice. This might also be because the team are quirky, which has made some rather notable moments in the office. 

The experience I have gained from the time I was here has been priceless and exceptionally valuable and something I will be taking with me once I go off to university. I can honestly say that my time with apt has been the most fun I’ve had whilst at work.

The two weeks here have pushed me in making sure I’m keeping up with the fast paced environment of getting regular blogs and posts out everyday. Most of the content I have been producing, and ultimately published, has been contributing to the Cheltenham Festivals, the Heritage Open Days as well as Musicians from Cheltenham. This has required me to work upon my research skills, communicating to other members of the team effectively, how to understand writing pace, to have tons more confidence in my capabilities and just have confidence in my writing.

Victoria and Jessica have been a huge help with me in the office and have on more than one occasion patiently sat with me and explained further, when I haven’t understood something. They answered all my questions and have made my experience more memorable.

Thank you very much apt for making my two weeks special.

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