Superdry Launch Summer or Nothing Campaign for High Summer

Superdry’s “Summer or Nothing” advertising campaign for Superdry SS19 is full of summer adventures and constant activities going on throughout. This campaign screams high summer with its bright colours and infectious energy, it’s sure to give you those ultimate summer vibes. The campaign was shot earlier this year in South Africa, the thrilling short film was filmed by the duo Radical Friend and the stills were shot by James Pearson-Howes.

The ethos “Summer or Nothing” is essentially implying that this summer consumers need to go out but to also go all out. The campaign is constantly reinforcing the image of a bright and perfect summer full of wild adventures such as riding on a motorbike, pool parties, road trips. This then encourages consumers to also want this perfect summer, so they will go and buy the clothing and try to almost recreate what happens in the campaign.

The campaign is full of summer activities going on from pool parties to skateboarding to road trips with your friends. This gives the incentive to consumers to get out and spend all your summer outdoors doing summer activities all whilst wearing Superdry’s clothing.

This advertising campaign has kept very on brand with the adventure theme being shown consistently throughout with activities such as the road trip alongside the beach being shown. This therefore creates a summer campaign for Superdry that knows what type of people that its consumers are and has created a campaign to appeal to them.

Sonic booms are used throughout the campaign. Sonic booms are seen in the short film when a guy jumps into the sea and the spikes are surrounding him and in the stills that are used for items like the banners on the website is when the image is repeated outside of the image. This bit of graphic design gives a modern and trendy feel to the campaign and is something that would appeal to their consumers.

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