We’re (almost) open: Getting your destination ready for business

With the tourism industry almost set to start welcoming guests back into destination, (depending on the Government announcement) the timing is crucial to ensure that your destination is prepared and has made the necessary steps to ensure that tourism operators adhere with the latest Government guidelines.


Visitors will want to be reassured of their safety before their trip and by ensuring the correct requirements in place will be pivotal when it comes to securing business. That’s why we’ve pulled together a handy list of insights as to how you can make sure your destination is ready to re-open when suitable:


1.      Have a clear plan in place: It is going to be a slow and gradual process to re-open a destination. Lots of factors will need to be considered including heath risks and any updated restrictions, so keep on top of the latest Government revisions and keep a clear and flexible plan in place.

2.      Communicate with businesses: As a Destination Management Organisation, it will be essential to provide operators with the relevant guidelines and requirements needed to ensure they can re-open safely to the public. Regular communication with steps on how they can prepare to run a restricted business will provide reassurance to them and their potential visitors.

3.      Talk to potential visitors: If you haven't already, start communicating with potential visitors to let them know that you will soon be able to welcome them back and what to expect when they do. Regular communication with updates and guideline information to potential visitors will give them a sense of security and clear expectations of what they’ll need to do in destination. Especially as they are weary about what to do and where to go, it will be essential to provide them with clear details to promote safe travel and ensure they visit responsibly.

4.      Research target audiences: It will be beneficial to conduct research on what target audience you could potentially expect after lockdown. People who are looking to get back into their favourite sport, business travellers and millennials will probably be within this bracket. Learning about those who are more likely to visit in the early stages will help to ensure that you can meet their needs.  The weekly COVID-19 report from BVA BRDC is also a useful source of information.

5.      Share regular content: The time has come to make sure that your social and digital communication is engaging and will make people want to visit responsibly. Develop an intensive social media campaign or review your existing content plan to see where you can maximise potential business and drive forward.

If you are in the preparation stages to re-open your destination, we hope that these tips do help. It is also an important consideration for businesses to obtain an accreditation for cleanliness and safety. 79% of consumers believe that an independent accreditation for cleanliness will be important post lockdown*. Our client, Quality in Tourism has been helping businesses accelerate their re-opening plans with their Safe, Clean & Legal™ accreditation in order to improve customer confidence after the lifting of the lockdown measures. For more information on the accreditation, please visit their website here.


*Independent research from BVA BDRC commissioned by Quality in Tourism.

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