Love What You Eat Benchmarking


Love What You Eat are experts in delivering delicious quality frozen foods to more than 100,000 UK customers. Their aim is to provide good quality frozen food that tastes better than fresh with a sustainable and ethical attitude in comparison to it's competitors and high street supermarket brands. 


To generate sales via online platforms, referrals and through the website by uses of marketing, promotion and social media. Generally increasing awareness of the new start-up brand whilst gaining recurring and loyal customers. 


The brand was given a digital and marketing overhaul plan designed to drive traffic to the website with a focus on social media campaigns, SEO and gaining users via google platforms. During this time we participated in observing and tracking customer shopping behaviour at certain times of the day and adjusting our methods and suit the customer's daily habits to maximise sales. 


Since launching back in August 2019 and from October 2019 - January 2020, The Love What You Eat website has performed well with gaining around 2,000 monthly users and 7,000 page views, with each customer spending on average £57.49 for each order, in comparison to 426 monthly users in August. With the food brand now increasing in traction and google authority, we're predicting some bigger, better and impressive numbers in the future.

GoodTasteFoods Catalogue Design

GoodTasteFoods Catalogue Design

GoodTasteFoods Catalogue Design